Skeels Christian School

Skeels Christian School opened its doors in 1975 to children from many different communities with the goal of educating children from a Godly perspective. Carl M. Briggs was the pastor of Skeels Baptist Church at the time and under his leadership in following the Lord’s direction Skeels Christian School began to flourish. By 1991, the student count had grown in such numbers that the need for a high school wing and gymnasium phase were needed. The first building phase began under the direction of Dr. George L. Coon and all phases were later completed in 2000 while under the direction of Pastor Bryan Johnson. Today, Skeels Christian School continues to educate children with a traditional Christ centered education. 

Much thanks can be credited to many of the people from the church, community, and school families for the beautiful facilities you see on the campus of Skeels Christian School. Ultimately though the praise and honor goes to Jesus Christ who has sustained the ministry of Skeels Christian School each year.

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