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Our History

Grace Fellowship has been preserved across 3 different centuries, beginning with a Civil War veteran desiring to teach the Bible to anyone who would listen. The one constant over the past 125 years is the good news of Jesus Christ.

May Jesus Christ be glorified as He continues to build His Church through sinners saved by grace through faith.


Isaac Smallwood arrives in Skeels Village

When Civil War veteran, Isaac Smallwood, landed in Skeels Village, the Merideth-Skeels area was a bustling logging camp. He organized a Baptist Sunday School in a log house located half a mile east of Skeels. Simon Skeels deeded part of his farm for the church to construct its first building for a whopping $1.00.

First Freewill Baptist Church is erected

First Freewill Baptist Church of Sherman Township’s first building is erected. The name is soon shortened to Sherman Baptist Church.


First facelift

The original wood construction is dismantled and rebuilt on a proper foundation with a local stone exterior.

Skeels Baptist Church

A business meeting results in a well-suited name for the Skeels Village church.


Parsonage is dedicated

The current parsonage is dedicated on May 30, 1927.

Blessed with growth

Due to congregational growth, the church expands on the original building to accommodate 250+ people.


Second facelift

The church outgrows both its building and additions and tears down the old structure. They dedicate the new building in 1969, which continues to stand to this day.
Old-timers tell of an old piano and other unwanted church items still buried under the parking lot!

Skeels Christian School

Feeling the need to educate local young people in a biblical, Christ-centered world view, Skeels Christian School conducts its first classes in the church basement.


New elementary school wing

The church builds the current elementary wing of Skeels Christian School on the property across the street.

New high school wing

The church begins construction on the high school wing.


Skeels Christian School building complete

All construction phases, including the gym, are completed, thanks to the leadership of Skeels Baptist Church.

Grace Fellowship Church

The church undergoes one more name change.

Present day

Continuing in faithfulness

Thankfully, Grace Fellowship Church continues to preach the Gospel of Christ and meet as a local body of believers!